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Youth Basketball Saturdays


Youth Basketball Saturdays at ECCC!

Sept 17- Oct 22


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Fall 2016


Ages 7-11: 10am-11am

Ages 12-14: 11am-12pm

15-17: 12pm-1pm



The EAST CENTRAL BASKETBALL ACADEMY was introduced to address one of the biggest issues in the traditional breakout for youth basketball programs. Most youth basketball programs group players by age or grade, and due to the increasing popularity and competitiveness of youth basketball this is becoming more of a concern. Often times we see a wide variance in abilities amongst kids in any age group. With this in mind, EAST CENTRAL BASKETBALL ACADEMY is designed to coach players based on ability rather than age. Our player development program creates a quality learning environment where players’ skill levels are equal and growth is a positive experience for anyone who chooses to play, if for fun or for making a team.


LEVEL 1- white (beginner, AGES 7-12)

LEVEL 2- grey (some experience, AGES 8-14)

LEVEL 3- orange (Mid school level ages, 10-14)

LEVEL 4- red (HS entry, 13-15)

Level 5- Gold (varsity players, 14-17- hs travel teams)

Level 6- KING/QUEEN- (College potential/READINESS)

The WHITE level is designed as an introduction to the sport of basketball. Geared towards first time players, we will introduce the basic lines on the court as well as basic basketball rules such as traveling, double dribble, and fouls. The curriculum will focus on stationary ball handling (learning to get comfortable with the ball), speed and control dribble, passing and catching techniques, jump stops and pivots, and basic defensive stance. Games such as dribble tag, dribble relays, and the passing game will be played to make the class fun and to build towards playing the game for real.

The GREY level is designed for those that have had a year or two of instruction and know the basic rules of how to play the game. The terminology will focus on player positions as well as positions on the court, such as the wing, baseline, and the point. The curriculum will focus on more advanced stationary ball handling skills, learning to dribble with the proper hand during the game, basic change of speed and direction dribble moves, advanced passing techniques, one foot lay-ups, triple threat position and footwork, step and slide defense, box out techniques, and an introduction to proper shooting form. Controlled scrimmaging will be used to teach player spacing and movement without the ball.

The ORANGE level is designed for players that have a firm grasp of the game and are ready for advanced basketball concepts. Terminology such as weak side/strong side, reading defenses, traps, and swings will be used. The curriculum will focus on stationary in place dribbling skills, advanced change of direction and combination dribble moves, weak handed one foot lay-ups, jab step and swing through moves, passing on the move, on the ball jab and retreat defense, zig-zag defensive slides, and shooting on the move. Controlled scrimmaging will be used to display skills in a real playing environment.

The RED level is designed for players preparing to enter high school basketball. The terminology will focus on strategic concepts such as curls, flares, help side defense, dig outs, and entry passes. The curriculum will focus on advanced in place dribbling skills with both hands, dribble moves to score on both sides of the court, reading screens, post moves, rebounding, getting open on the wing, wing denial, conditioning, and advanced offensive and defensive footwork. Controlled scrimmaging will be used to display skills in a real playing environment.

The GOLD level is designed for players preparing for varsity basketball. The curriculum will focus on conditioning, mental preparedness, defensive intensity, ball handling and scoring at high game speeds. Advanced drill work in all aspects of the game including detailed offensive and defensive footwork and shooting consistency.

The KING/QUEEN level is designed for players with high school varsity experience. The classes will follow a college practice format with high speed, high level concepts and open gym scrimmaging with constant player evaluations throughout.  Each player in this program has a vision of playing college basketball.  We will strive to bring a competitive edge in scrimmaging local college players and travel opportunities for exposure.

Competitive instruction for boys and girls, ages 7-17.

Tailored, progression based coaching for beginners to very skilled players.

Guest coaches from Spokane area.

Contests and Prizes!!!

Upcoming sessions:
Sept 17- Oct 22

6 week camp-

  • $35 for levels 1 & 2 -10AM-1PM
  • $45 for levels 3 & 4 – 11am-12pm
  • $55 for levels 5 & 6- 12pm-1pm

For more information contact:

Richie Fischer @ (509) 808-2123
or RichieF@ecspokane.org





Richie-1024x768Richie Fischer

15+ years of coaching experience on all levels. ONLY USA Basketball accredited and certified youth basketball coach in Spokane! Former national AAU player for the Spokane Spurs and Northwest Cougars.  Graduate of Rogers High School (1995) as a 2- time All GSL selection.  Played collegiately at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, WA. (1996).  Now making sure all kids from all backgrounds and abilities get the chance to learn the game, aside from any hardships that may be present.


JenniferJen Pearson

Jen played her high school and college basketball in Kansas.  As a standout at Golden Plains High School she earned herself a scholarship to Cloud County Community College where she played one season.   After one year off she went back and started at Colby College and solidified her reputation of a hard worker, which shows in her adult life with an education consisting of multiple degrees and continuing to be a great mentor for all young people.


Eric Beal

Eric is another Spokane lifer who brings a ton of significance on the court.  Beal played at North Central high school earning MVP honors his senior season(2006).  He then played for the Spokane Community College NWACC title contenders for two seasons earning all-league honors.  After SCC he continued his college career at Whitworth again earning hardware for one of the top league performers.  Since college Beal has played on an East Coast travel team for the Harlem Globetrotters and various Adult club travel teams.  He has since coached for various high schools and participates in private player development.


SteveSteve Hansen

Steve has over a decade of coaching experience.  Playing high school in the Portland area and college ball at Clackamas CC, he has maintained a high level of play into his fifties, along with a moral standard of living that all people should strive for.  Steve is our gentle giant on the court and the kids love him!