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Community Access Program


The East Central Community Organization’s Community Access Program provides quality, goal-driven services to people with disabilities. Community Access services are a great option for keeping active and engaged in the community. The program staff works with clients on a one-to-one basis to support participation in activities geared toward their individual goals. With the goal of promoting skill development, individual living, and community engagement, our outings may include but are not limited to recreation activities, leisure activities, and volunteer work.  The opportunities we provide for our clients aid in their development of new and old relationships with people without disabilities through a natural integration within the community.

Contact Nick Hollinger at NickH@ecspokane.org or (509)808-2132.

NickcroppedNick Hollinger grew up in western Washington and moved to Cheney to attend Eastern Washington University. After getting his Bachelor’s degree in Community Health he started working as an Employment Consultant and Program Assistant for people with developmental disabilities. He is excited to work at East Central Community Center and is motivated to help the Community Access program grow to its full potential.